About Melanie

My story begins with facing many health challenges. I was constantly drained, my joints hurt when I exercised, and I had lots of external irritations. I thought that eating mainly 100% raw could heal me quicker than anything else I could eat.  I would feel hungry after eating just raw fruits and vegetables so I ate raw nuts, seeds, and even sprouted wheat bread.  A while after, I started having stomach pains when I ate most of those foods. Later I figured that I most likely had leaky gut syndrome.  I believe my health challenges were related to these problems, so I went to go see a natural health expert.  He suggested that I stop eating wheat and gluten products.  He put me on a special cleanse to help me heal my body from the damage that had been caused.  I didn't know what to eat with all the restrictions I had.  This was a difficult time for me in every aspect of life.

Although it was a rough time, I feel that I grew spiritually as my love story unfolded.  I prayed a lot and felt a higher power guiding me as I looked for solutions to better myself.  I am now eighteen years old, and have healed myself more from eating an abundance of plant-based foods.  If you’re on a strict temporary diet, some of my recipes are good to heal people with Leaky Gut, Irritable Bowl Syndrome, Candida Infections, Diabetes, etc.  Now is the time to feel more free to eat delicious and nourishing foods that heal!  It is never too late to start now if you haven’t already.

It was hard at first to not eat the unnatural foods that we are so used to eating in the Standard American Diet (S.A.D), but I knew that anything unnatural could lead to more health problems.  If you desire to begin your love story to healthy eating, you need to remember to eat the way nature intended for you.  I love to see the way people with great health have a beautiful glow and magnetic energy that shines from them-you can too!

Here is my list of interests that keep me energized:

  • I love cooking and coming up with new recipes.  My family says I have taken over the kitchen, but I don’t think they mind.
  • I love to read health articles as much as eating raw chocolate.
  • I do mixed martial arts.  I’m currently a green belt and I love it!
  • I also like Pilates. I've tried yoga, but Pilates seems to be easier on my joints. I feel like each Pilates movement gets easier the more it do it, except this one called “the hundred.”  Holy cow, that one’s difficult!
  • My newest love is food blogging.  It is so addictive and it has become my passion because I love to share my recipes with others.  Every day I’m writing my Gluten Free Love Story!

Do you have a love story about your journey to healthy eating?  How did it start?  I would love to hear from you!


  1. This is a great blog Mellie, I love it! You are very talented. I'd like to eat and try each one. Love, Grandma